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OsteoElements Pro

OsteoElements Pro

OsteoElements Pro Multi Bone Health Complex a unique blend of highly absorbable vitamins and minerals formulated to support healthy bones. Contains key minerals, cofactors, and nutrients for bone matrix support.

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Dairy free

Gluten Free

GMO Free

Sugar Free

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  • Cardiovascular health*
  • Immune system support*
  • Bone tissue*
  • Healthy teeth*
  • Balanced moods*
  • Maintaining vitamin D status*

OsteoElements Pro features calcium and magnesium that are bound to malic acid for enhanced absorption, along with chelated forms of zinc, copper, and manganese for superior bioavailability.*

Optimal bone health can be difficult to maintain because the skeleton requires adequate amounts of bone supportive nutrients, but it must also serve as a mineral reservoir for the rest of the body. If the body extracts too many nutrients from the skeletal system, the bones may weaken. Therefore, the key to supporting bone health is maintaining homeostasis, which involves sustaining the nutrient balance between the bones and the body.*

The nutrients in OsteoElements Pro work synergistically to support bone health and integrity.* Calcium is the primary mineral in the hard tissues that provide strength and support. Vitamin D regulates calcium homeostasis, bone mineralization, and bone formation. Vitamin K, supported by geranylgeraniol (GG), plays an important role in supporting the proper trafficking of calcium into the bone. Magnesium also influences proper bone mineralization. Vitamin C supports the synthesis of collagen, which is a critical component of bones and connective tissues. Zinc, copper, manganese, and boron support different aspects of collagen and bone production. Vitamin E tocotrienols help promote a healthy inflammatory response to support bone health.*

The nutrients in OsteoElements Pro work synergistically to support bone health and integrity.*

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