Not Your Average Collagen!

Patented Collagen Peptides to Support Bones, Muscles, Joints, Skin and Nails

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Collagen Peptides

Collagen Peptides

Healthy Bones Co. Collagen Peptides: Not your average collagen! A unique blend of three patented Bioactive Collagen Peptides FORTIBONE®, FORTIGEL®, and VERISOL® with clinically proven benefits for bones, joints, skin, hair, and nails. FORTIBONE® is the only collagen peptide shown in clinical research to help improve bone mineral density and bone formation markers in postmenopausal women. Hydrolyzed, quick-dissolve, with no taste. Supports collagen production in the body and helps rebuild your connective tissue, providing results you can both see and feel.* Put your bone health on autopilot... Subscribe & Save for 10% off. Free shipping on bundles and orders over $135+. Add on Annatrol™ Bone Support to your order for a powerful combination!

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Dairy free

Gluten Free

GMO Free

Sugar Free

  • Benefits
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  • Ingredients
  • Bone density; bone mass and quality; reduced risk of fracture*
  • Improved skin elasticity, thickness and hydration; nail health*
  • Reduced wrinkle formation & cellulite appearance*
  • Joint tissue health & function involving cartilage, tendons and ligaments*
  • Healthy blood pressure*
  • Gut health*
  • Sleep*

Collagen is one of the most abundant forms of protein in the body and is a key component of all our connective tissue. This includes our ligaments, tendons, joints and researchers are now seeing collagen as the multifunctional powerhouse that it is. New evidence suggests eating collagen rich foods will benefit everything from joint pain to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.*

Healthy Bones Co. Collagen Peptides is our very own unique collagen formula that contains a unique blend of three patented collagen peptides supported by clinical research showing their efficacy for collagen production, bone strength, joint health, gut health, skin elasticity, and more.*

The best part is, the unflavoured powder can be easily added into any smoothie, soup, stews, teas or just taken in a glass of water!*

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