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Healthy Bones Co. Magnesium is a highly absorbable form of magnesium bisglycinate chelate. This special form of chelated magnesium is “sandwiched” between two glycine amino acids which enhances its availability and reduces competition with minerals like calcium. Won't cause loose stools like most magnesium supplements. Helps support better sleep, muscle recovery, improved energy, and stronger bones.* Put your bone health on autopilot... Subscribe & Save for 10% off. Free shipping on bundles and orders over $135+. Add on Annatrol™ Bone Support to your order for a powerful combination!

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Dairy free

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  • Regulates muscle contraction*
  • Helps to relax and unwind from daily stressors*
  • Helps aid sleep and emotional balance*

Healthy Bones Co. Magnesium is a specially formulated supplement containing a highly absorbable form of magnesium. It is created using a process that forms a stable chelate, bonding each magnesium ion with two molecules of the amino acid glycine.*

Healthy Bones Co. Magnesium allows larger amounts of magnesium to be absorbed more quickly and be better retained by the body, as compared to other, non-chelated forms of magnesium. It has also been shown to be effective when taken by individuals with the greatest impairments in magnesium absorption, such as those with inflammatory bowel conditions, providing magnesium’s healing benefits where they are needed the most.*

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